Clean Water From Toilets?

I have had a water less, urine separating composting toilet in my house for 15 years. It cost me less than a thousand dollars and saved me about $15,000 in costs not putting in a septic system building the house. The compost then goes on ornamental trees and shrubs. Never any smell.

I wouldn’t ever risk drinking that water, call me crazy but you need to be crazy to drink out of that, even if you did run it through the best countertop water filter I’m not tasting it.

With these kind of toilets guys have to sit to pee. Some guys have a problem with that. I live alone, so I just keep hospital urinals in the bathroom and empty those on the compost pile each evening. If some one is using antibiotics they will kill the composting action in the toilet. I keep a porta-potti on standby if some one is ill and taking medication. I have a separate compost bin for the toilet. I then let that compost for one year before using it on trees and shrubs. They say it is safe to use in the garden, but I won’t chance it.

here are better altenatives using well,rain,wind turbine even overnight dew. Why we always want to give other human beings raw sewer to drink. That is just We can do a whole lot better with todays tenechnology.

induction cookware sets

Cooking Food On High Heat Cookware Sets – Triggers Allergies by Smell

Types of Cookware Sets

I’m betting a chemical the food was washed in, not the food itself. Also, instead of stainless steel and cast iron, we now are bombarded with all sorts of new coatings on cookware. In addition, the the cookware could still have had soap residue. If you are looking for the best induction cookware, make sure it’s compatible with your cooktop.

Even worse , maybe stored in a cabinet where pesticides, cleaners or odorizers were placed or sprayed. Not long ago, an entire family was poisoned by the residual chemical gas that was not properly vented after the house was tented. Initially they thought allergies, but it was traced to the extremely toxic pesticide gas.

Allergic Reaction From Cooking Smell

I’m betting there’s more to this than just the fish. I’m not going to stop cooking and eating fish because of a one in a million freak incident, But I do check where the fish is from, what it was packed with ensure no chemicals, additives. If I think the market uses bleach, amonia, etc, I don’t buy.

My son is allergic to shrimp and lobster, most nuts, peas dogs that shed, some trees, mice, roaches.

It’s quite scary I always have two epi pens if we dine out prior to doing so he takes Zyrtec as instructed by the immunologist in case they are cooking shrimp in the restaurant which he is most allergic to that than lobster.

Teflon Induction Sets

We avoid all seafood places. I always tell the waiter or manager of the allergies so they don’t cook his food anywhere they have cooked shrimp or lobster if I see it on the menu. I also ask about peanut oil but exactly what the person is allergic to is key; the preservative/additive that the fish was packed with? Or any number of other things. Remember the old Teflon pans people were getting cancer and symptoms from and finally it was exposed that it was the manufactured Teflon product on the pots pans, not aluminum or the foods cooked that made them sick.

Turned out that at high heat, the Teflon emitted dangerous chemical byproducts of the Teflon coating, so an allergic reaction may not be an allergy to the obvious item but something else less obvious.

Baby Feeding

Mom’s Are Best Baby Food Makers

If my baby is hungry, I am going to feed my baby. He’ll scream (and I really mean scream loudly) if his needs are not met promptly. He’s very demanding.
He does not like something over his head. He does not like not being able to see his mama.

When you think of the best baby food maker you might think of something like this image. Yet, Moms will take care of my baby’s needs.

Baby food maker

Baby food maker

Nursing Mom’s Advice

A nursing lounge would be great, but I have never (in all the 22 years I’ve been a mom) seen one in person…
Formula is expensive. Are you going to buy it for me? It’s also not quite as perfect for my baby as breastmilk is. Breastmilk has antibodies in it and helps keep my baby healthy, which is particularly important during cold & flu season.

Not all women can use a pump. I am one of those women. It takes me a day or two to hand express 1 eight ounce bottle. It’s frustrating and severely inconvenient to do and takes time away from my family.

CJ, have you ever held a screaming flailing baby in your arms while trying to hold a cover over them when all that baby wants to do is rip that cover off… and then try helping that baby latch on (some babies need help with it)… is that a NO? (of course it’s a no, you’re a guy)

When you have experienced it, than maybe you have an argument. Until then, your opinion does not count and my baby’s right to eat when he is hungry is protected by law.

Pump and Feed Bottle

Yes, you are right, women can choose to pump and bottle feed. However, breast milk should be used optimally before 4 hours at room temp. Now, you could put the milk in a cooler, but if you don’t have access to heat it up, that wouldn’t work either. If women are somewhere over the course of the day, breastfeeding is obviously the simpler choice.

This is all excellent except the suggestion (threat?) to put breast milk in someone else’s coffee or mashed potatoes. Please keep your bodily secretions to yourself & your nursing children.

Breastfeeding in public doesn’t bother me at all unless it includes your attempt to suggest that I consume your breast milk.

Mother’s demand to have their breastfeeding rights without having to suffer ridicule about feeding their infants – restaurant patrons are within their rights to demand that they be able to consume their food without having to suffer poor attempts at humor through depiction of their food being adulterated with uninspected, non-pasteurized (mother’s) milk

Nerve Gas Pesticide GMO?

The widespread use of pesticides and GMO crops started many years ago as corporate farming bought out the family owned farms. Unfortunately companies like Monsanto, Bayer and Dow have bought lots of politicians on both sides to expand their profits.

But you know it’s hopeless when science is overruled and the proof is just pushed aside. If we don’t continue to raise hell with Both GOP & Dem leaders and let them know we won’t support these agendas then it will just continue to get worse. Also, we as consumers can make change by being informed about what we buy.

Just had a conversation yesterday with someone about how I believe the reason why many people have trouble reasoning and recognizing the deceptions they are bombarded with is bc most are malnourished and have malfunctioning brains/frontal lobes from toxic overload in our food. (And that such practice is an intentional form of mind & population control).

Waiting for someone to give me one half of a good reason why they would willfully consume nerve agents or elect anyone who approves of this practice.

Because some of us have a basic understanding of how toxicology and dosage work. The concern with this one is the exposure of applicators and those living around the fields—not food residue.

When I was a teenager, I used to mix this product as fly spray for my horses and didn’t use PPE for mixing or application. Yet here I am in my 40s, still healthy.

We have been Ingesting all kinds of things that would scare the crap out of you if you knew exactly what they were. But we eat it any way. Have you ever read the ingredients on boxes of cereal your kids eat. But USDA says it’s safe so eat em up.

The medicine we take when we are sick the over the counter stuff probably isn’t that great but they say it does more good then harm. If you haven’t noticed the shelf life of milk is just a little bit longer the it use to be.. I really don’t know how many of you have been where they produce and package animal food but the ones I have been in were cleaner than the ones for people food. Then were have our meats being glued together by who knows what, they make it look pretty darn good Huh.

And the farmers are being replaced by Corporations that pump who knows what just to keep up with demand.

It’s really hard to find anything that doesn’t have some kind of chemical on it or in it.


Why I’m No Longer Talking About Race NPR

The people that don’t need to, will read this book and nodding heads will reverberate through that echo chamber. The ones that are unfamiliar with the perspective will see the title and dig their heels in harder. Ah, modernity is playing out well.

I picture racism is as similar to sexism. It’s a lack of understanding/belief of the problem from the more powerful group that is unaffected.

My brother wonders why I would be concerned about a homeless guy cornering me on the subway asking for change. He doesn’t understand how much scarier that is for a woman than a man and he never will because he doesn’t have the perspective to see the difference.

She went to university and was completely unaware of her country’s brutal history. So up until that point her life was not filled with messages of racism it seems, so she’s made it her mission to find them and get angrier about an existence that is not hers it seems.

Analyzing racism for any reason is even a bigger one. It’s like the weather, it’s always changing and will always be with us in one form or another. For now, it’s less prevalent than at any time in our history regardless of race. Not much to discuss.

My thoughts after reading this comments section: on the one hand, to dismiss the idea of institutional racism as some left-wing hoax is ridiculous, but on the other hand it would be kind of silly to expect guilt from someone who was genuinely ignorant of what’s going on.

It’s obviously a different story when people don’t open their minds to testimony that challenges their perceptions, which is the frustration that this book (based on those article) seems to be addressing. In some ways both ‘sides’ are making this issue perhaps more complicated than it needs to be. Respect and compassion should be our common denominators, even in the cases where we feel (legitimately or otherwise) that those pillars of constructive discourse are not being reciprocated.