Models of service delivery

In a special series, Ethos examines the structure, design, inherent challenges and successes to date of different models of service delivery. How did they come about and what are their relative merits?

Models of service delivery

Sophie Arie Harnessing skills

Sophie Arie

Serco and specialist partners pool their skills to reach the hardest to help ex-offenders with the ultimate aim of finding them employment

Candace Imison Thinking differently about healthcare

Candace Imison

Candace Imison of the King’s Fund calls for new models of provision to meet the current and future challenges to the NHS

Julian Le Grand Our mutual friends

Julian Le Grand argues the case for mutualisation as a model for improved public service delivery

Mark Tankard Diversity in delivery

Mike Tankard

Serco's Mark Tankard considers the structure and scope of the GoCo model

Sean Mason Payment-by-results

Mike Tankard

Sean Mason of HMP & YOI Doncaster explains the thinking behind payment-by-results


Rupert Sykes Joint ventures, new territories

Rupert Sykes

Serco's Rupert Sykes examines how JVs are transforming services


Ethos features a wealth of insight into the world of public services, in the form of opinions, debates, profiles, interviews, infographics and photo essays.

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  • Look: hundreds of people appear to have been left to die in Staffordsire NHS,. In Yorshire "scores of striking hospital staff in Yorkshire have been warned they face dismissal unless they agree to pay cuts.
    An increasingly bitter dispute at the crisis-gripped Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust which runs services in Wakefield, Dewsbury and Pontefract.
    Health bosses want to impose pay cuts of up to £2,800 a year among up to 500 low-paid mainly female staff including medical secretaries and receptionists, as part of moves to make millions in savings at the debt-ridden trust.
    Staff affected have been told they will lose their jobs unless they accept lower paid positions".
    The point about administration in Britain, from Parish to Region and beyond, is that there is no obvious and cheap path to redress against injustice and incompetence, no dismissal, no popular scrutiny. Lengthy costly inquiries etc but no answer for the people's judicial anger. Which is why my comment probably seems as irrelevant to you as your fine-minded disquisitions on models of deliveryt in a needless period of austerity seem to me, and I would hazard to most who actually face the sharp fragments of broken Britain..

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